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Secrets to staining a gym floor – CABINET SHOP QUALITY

Hello, this is Paul Nelson with Western sport floors, Wyoming wood floors coming to you today from cascade, Montana. Just outside of Great Falls, we are working on the cascade gymnasium floor. This is kind of an interesting job because we are going to end up doing a two color stain we’re going to stain a border. That border is going to be a dark walnut. We’re also going to stain the three point arches. Three point arches are going to be a special walnut stain. So I decided today to do a short video on staining a gymnasium floor. This is not meant to be the definitive video on standing a gymnasium floor. But this will go through our techniques on standing and gym floor what it is that we do. And this is an ever evolving process. So the first thing that we do and I’m not going to go into this too much is tape off the floor we’ve taped out an 18 inch border on the sides with a four foot border in the end zones. And of course the free pointer to the keys has been taped out. So the next step, the waterpark. When we talk about the water pump, you’re simply applying a small amount of water directly to the raw maple in his even have a coat as possible. There’s many ways of doing this. This is the way that we’ve been working on that one guy with a water can putting down just a little bit of water with a man coming along with a T bar and applying that water. Not very different than applying to finish trying to be careful not to get it much outside the lines. Although I have to say I’ve never noticed in the raw finish a huge problem when when we water pop. Outside the line. I’ve heard people say that it needs to be sanded. I’ve never been able to tell the difference. We use an oil modified seal information. And I can’t ever tell we went outside the line with water pop. So it isn’t something that I worry a lot about. But as you can see, they’re keeping this neat, orderly and primarily just getting the water pop within the area that we’re going to stay in. As soon as we’re done with this water pump this application the water on the floor, we’re going to go to dinner and we’re going to spend an hour hour and a half and let this completely dry before we start the stain

Okay, now we’re getting ready to stain, I’m going to go through some things that we do. There’s a lot of great stains out there by polar flies by bone on basic coatings. Lots of folks make floor stains, I have come to rely on Minwax interior stain, simply because we work in a lot of rural school districts throughout Montana, Wyoming, northern Idaho, where we simply have difficulty getting product, we’re out on the road a lot, but I can always stop by an Ace Hardware and buy a Minwax product. So I use a lot of Minwax years ago, it was on a job having some difficulty with some stain. And a painter told us a little trick. This is a pre stain product. She said just mix the pre stain with your stain. I don’t know what it does, but it really seems to help even the application of the stain. So I always take a Minwax pre stain, mix it about two parts stained one part this stuff. So one of the things that I was note is that at the bottom of the can always seems to be solids. And those solids I think have a lot of your color and I’m pretty careful to mix in some of this pre stain, try and get all the solids out of the bottom. So we’ve mixed in two quarts of the Minwax pre stain into our one gallon, special walnut that we’re going to stain these three point arches with. I’ve taken the pre stain and really tried to mix out all the solids on the bottom and now we’re just going to use another vessel now our stain is ready to go in and by the way, I’ve done this in the parking lot so if I spill

just a little that, hopefully it’s not as big a deal as if I spilled something on the sidewalk.

Okay, what we’re doing here is we’re doing the border in a slightly different color. This is a dark walnut, as opposed to the special walnut that’s going into the key area is one inch piece of tape is going to separate the two colors of maple are actually the two colors of stain. And so he’s been real careful, my helper is being real careful to hand rub that stain in, we do have a two inch game line that goes over that so we do have just a little bit of a fudge factor. But as you can see now when I start this off this combination of the water pump and the free stain makes the stain go on at a really a cabinet shop quality job. And so that really is the process just over and over and over again

so here we are, we’ve worked our way around the gym, Jared is carefully by hand working his way up to this one inch tape because we have two different colors of stain. So I am coming up sneaking up to the tape with that roller and then by hand he is continuing to carefully work that stain and now that stain that he’s on is wet but he’s being real careful and that’s also been popped in. Even though it’s technically wet, he’s not smudging it or anything. And now I’m going to hop on the buffer and continue the process

so just to wrap up, what we did last night that we stained two colors a stain a border wall not the two three point arches in a special but we then took up all the additional tape we did leave the one inch tape that we originally laid out the court with and then we used a palm sander to sand out any of the stain where we stand outside the lines or dripped and then we coated this floor last night around the stained areas we didn’t coat the stables. This morning when we came in we padded all the stain and now we’re coating the image and of course clean the floor and now we’re coating the entire floor with a second coat of sealer.