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Why We Don’t Screen and Recoat Anymore #2

I have become the best known sport flooring contractor in the world. And I’m just getting started.

Hello, this is Paul Nelson with Western sport floors and Wyoming wood floors coming to you today, Clinton, Montana. Today we’re going to go into our recode process. Just talk a little bit about what it takes to do an annual maintenance coat or a semi annual maintenance coat on your gymnasium floor, how to make it look absolutely fabulous. We’re going to do this in seven easy steps. And I’ll do my best to explain it. So step one, we’re going to come into that gymnasium and we’re going to use a broom or attack towel or a dust mop and we’re just going to sweep up the things that are loose, loose debris on the floor. rested, we can clean it up, sweep that up, put in the garbage. Step two, we’re going to get out our buffers using an SPP pad we have thrown away the screens. We used to call this process of screen and recoat we are not calling it that anymore because we’ve thrown away the screens. So using a buffer, some kind of a chemical compound a chemical soap. They’re made by Hilliard, Bono basic coatings that CO lots of folks make for cleaning soaps, or detergents. We find the SPP pads do a great job of wiping out any small black marks, gum, candy, soda spills, whatever, whatever makes its way to that floor. But step two, step three is that we’re going to go ahead and clean this floor we use an auto scrubber This can also be done with a tack towel and a mop bucket by hand. Remember that during the warranty period of your gym floor will void your warranty to use an auto scrubbers we’re not recommending that you use an auto scrubber on the gym floor during the manufacturer’s warranty period, which is typically a year from installation.

Western sport floors and Wyoming wood floors. Coming to you from Clinton, Montana. This is Paul Nelson. You make it a great day.