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Western Sport Floors and Robbins Sport Surfcaces

Western Sport Floors, in partnership with Robbins Sports Surfaces, is proud to offer an exceptional range of hardwood flooring systems designed to elevate your gymnasium experience. Our expertise lies in providing top-tier flooring solutions for professional, collegiate, recreational, K-12, community, and fitness facilities. With product lines that include MVP, Bio-Channel, Eclipse, and Air-Channel Star, we are committed to delivering safe, comfortable, and high-performance surfaces for athletes worldwide. Our dedication to crafting innovative sports flooring systems has resulted in numerous patents, ensuring that both athletes and facility owners reap the benefits.


Maximum Vibration Protection
  • Cutting-edge design optimizes athlete-floor biomechanics, minimizing vibration and maximizing uniformity
  • Exceptional energy return enhances performance, comfort, and safety
  • Effective vibration dampening alleviates muscle fatigue and decreases the likelihood of athletic injuries


  • Robust anchored design ensures an extended lifespan and reduced long-term expenses
  • Exceptional safety and performance features position it as a preferred option for various facilities
  • Continuous subfloor construction accommodates heavy loads and gym equipment effortlessly
Bio-Channel Family


  • Sturdy anchored structure offers cost-effective and robust solutions, reducing dead spots and enhancing comfort
  • Continuous subfloor bears the weight of heavy loads, fitness equipment, and spectator seating with ease
  • Surpasses all third-party industry benchmarks, ensuring the highest levels of safety and performance
Eclipse Family


  • Classic sleeper configuration featuring Bio-Pads for increased elasticity and coziness
  • Sturdy anchored design ensures extended durability and reduced life-cycle expenses
  • Optional continuous flooring for enhanced support of heavy loads
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  • Compact floor framework that offers speedy and proficient occasion changeovers.
  • Rock solid plan and development for long life expectancy and miscreant cycle costs.
  • Custom graphic packages for attractive team logos and gamelines
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  • Exceptionally planned uniform sprung dance floor that dispenses with over the top bounce back (otherwise known as “trampoline impact”) and diversion.
  • Restrictive padded layer intended for vibration control and fantastic energy return to diminish artist exhaustion and injury.
  • Strong Maple hardwood execution surface with discretionary Marley vinyl surface
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