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Robbins Air-Channel Star system features anchored laminated sleepers to provide a system with dimensional stability and superior performance. The Air-Channel Star sleepers are laminated and engineered to be less susceptible to physical changes due to moisture compared to solid softwood sleepers. Air-Channel Star is a proven performer and an excellent choice for your gymnasium project.

Proven Safety

  • DIN certified: meets or exceeds all six DIN 18032-2 criteria for ball bounce, shock absorption, deflection, area of deflection, rolling load and surface friction.
  • Wide-body, low-profile, engineered sleeper anchored uniformly to concrete substrate for enhanced stability.

Proven Performance

  • Engineered sleeper enhances performance, flexibility and uniformity and provides dramatic improvement over softwood subfloor components.
  • Robbins’ patented “Posi-Anchor”™ built-in depth stop prevents shockpad over-compression, providing uniformity and stability.
  • Continuous subfloor provides uniformity and strength for large bleacher loads and portable backstops.


From The Robbins Institute

  • Anchored Resilient

    Robbins Anchored Resilient gym floor systems are permanent floor systems that are anchored to the substrate. Anchoring a sports floor ensures stability and a uniform playing surface that is less likely to have “dead spots”.
  • Continuous Subfloor

    Continuous Subfloor technology creates a consistent and uniform playing surface that is ideal for facilities that have heavy equipment or loads that could impact the floor. A Continuous Subfloor minimizes the risk of damage to the floor surface and subfloor under exposure to excessive weight.
  • Sleeper Subfloor

    Robbins Sleeper Systems feature the classic “sleepers” beneath the maple surface, a gym floor design that originated in the early 1950’s. Sleeper Systems can be an economical option that also provides resiliency that can be tuned with various pad options for comfort and performance. The sleeper design also allows proper airflow beneath the maple surface to minimize entrapment of moisture due to flooding or other water leaks.


Floor Height Options

  • Standard
  • Metric
  • Total System Height:

    • 2 1/2″ (with 25/32″ thick flooring)
    • 3/4″ (with 33/32″ flooring)
  • Total System Height:

    • 64mm (with 20mm thick flooring)
    • 70mm (with 26mm thick flooring)

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