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Only Robbins could have packed this much performance into a single gymnasium flooring system. Introducing Eclipse, a COMPETITION CLASS FLOOR built to withstand the rigors of every-day use. But not only that, we also designed it to be affordable. So whether you’re in charge of an elite NBA training facility, NCAA college basketball or volleyball team, or high school athletic program, or just looking for the best value for your money at any level of play, you owe it to yourself to take a look at what Eclipse has to offer. The NEW Eclipse sports floor is perfect for any gym floor, basketball court, or volleyball.

Proven Safety

  • Durable anchored system that is both economical and resilient to minimize dead spots and increase comfort and uniformity of game play

Proven Performance

  • Superior performance, meets all requirements of MFMA PUR, DIN, ASTM and EN standards
  • Continuous subfloor supports heavy loads, gym equipment, and bleachers
  • Economical


From The Western Sport Floors

  • Low Profile

    Robbins Low Profile systems are designed for facilities that do not have a slab depression in their current athletic space. Low profile systems are shorter in height and easier to ramp for transitioning to other areas. Perfect for retrofit installations as well.
  • Anchored Resilient

    Robbins Anchored Resilient gym floor systems are permanent floor systems that are anchored to the substrate. Anchoring a sports floor ensures stability and a uniform playing surface that is less likely to have “dead spots”.
  • CNC Manufactured Subfloor

    Robbins CNC Manufactured Subfloors are manufactured in our Michigan plant with the latest CNC technology for high tolerance and precise subfloor design and construction. CNC technology ensures subfloors are pre-cut and pre-assembled with the highest quality, lessening the risk of installation error and deficiencies in floor performance.
  • Continuous Subfloor

    Continuous Subfloor technology creates a consistent and uniform playing surface that is ideal for facilities that have heavy equipment or loads that could impact the floor. A Continuous Subfloor minimizes the risk of damage to the floor surface and subfloor under exposure to excessive weight.


Floor Height Options

  • Standard
  • Metric
  • Total System Height:

    • 2 7/8″ (with 25/32″ flooring)
    • 3 1/8″ (with 33/32″ flooring)
  • Total System Height:

    • 73mm (with 20mm thick flooring)
    • 79mm (with 26mm thick flooring)

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  • Drawings
  • Product Data
  • Maintenance

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