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Bio-Channel Classic is the proven choice for performance basketball facilities. The Bio-Channel installation list is a who’s who of top NCAA and NBA performance basketball courts and training centers. Programs such as Indiana, Kentucky, Duke, the Wizards and Lakers have relied on Bio-Channel for years to provide a solid performing gym floor. Bio-Channel is a proven choice for large school arena environments where the floor must meet the performance demands of players as well as withstand temporary loading from stages or scissor lifts. Bio-Channel is also a great choice for renovation projects with concrete planarity problems. Regardless of the situation, Bio-Channel will meet the needs of any sports flooring project with stringent requirements for performance and durability.

Proven Safety

Bio-Channel Classic combines the structural and dimensional stability of anchored flooring systems with the safety and comfort of resilient sports flooring. A plywood sleeper floats on 7/16″ Bio-Pads within a steel channel that’s anchored to the concrete floor. A uniform playing surface with no dead spots is assured, as is the right amount of deflection and shock absorption.

Proven Performance

  • Excellent Athletic Performance
  • Superior dimensional stability
  • Continuous 3/4″ subfloor
  • Lateral movement of subfloor
  • Shimmable for different slab depression heights or out-of -level slabs


From The Western Sport Floors

  • Anchored Resilient

    Robbins Anchored Resilient gym floor systems are permanent floor systems that are anchored to the substrate. Anchoring a sports floor ensures stability and a uniform playing surface that is less likely to have “dead spots”.
  • Self Blocking

    The built in Self Blocking feature limits floor deflection and is designed to “bottom out” under heavy loads. When heavy equipment like scissor lifts are driven over a sports floor, the floor can only deflect or bend so much before damage occurs. Self Blocking is built into the floor at the factory level to ensure proper subfloor construction that lowers the risk of damage from heavy equipment.
  • Sleeper Subfloor

    Robbins Sleeper Systems feature the classic “sleepers” beneath the maple surface, a gym floor design that originated in the early 1950’s. Sleeper Systems can be an economical option that also provides resiliency that can be tuned with various pad options for comfort and performance. The sleeper design also allows proper airflow beneath the maple surface to minimize entrapment of moisture due to flooding or other water leaks.


Floor Height Options

  • Standard
  • Metric
  • Total System Height:

    • 3″ (with 25/32″ thick flooring)
    • 3 1/4″ (with 33/32″ flooring)
  • Total System Height:

    • 76mm (with 20mm thick flooring)
    • 83mm (with 26mm thick flooring)

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  • Product Data
  • Maintenance

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