Our summer schedule fills up fast!

We often have Floor Sandings and Installations booked up to a year in advance.

Floor Sanding & Refinishing

Floor Sanding generally refers to one of two things:

In the case of a complete resurfacing(Sanding) there is action required in order to ensure that you have a spot on our calendar.  
  1. - Work with our graphic design team to create a layout that is practical for your facility.
  2. - Speak to an electrician to verify that your facility has 3-phase power and a 100 amp breaker to provide power for our sanders.
  3. - Submit a 50% down payment in order to lock in your place on our calendar.
  4. - Print and fill out the Sanding & Refinishing Checklist found on the Crew Arrival page.


About the Floor Sanding Process


The Floor sanding is done with two 12-inch Clarke American drum sanders behind a Mack Ryder.

Our equipment is constantly updated, repaired and meticulously maintained. This includes cleaning after every sanding job and a supply of spare parts so that no shortcuts are taken.

This setup mitigates human error and virtually eliminates drum marks left behind from traditional sanding practices. It also invokes an element of precision and speed that allows us to get the job done quickly without sacrificing quality.


Floor refinishing is a multi-team process that is much more than a required maintenance step.


It is an opportunity to bring new life to your old floor.

Wood floors are sanded completely through the old finishes and to the bare wood.
The old, yellowing finish is removed revealing beautiful, white maple below.

This process invariably makes floors brilliant and brings out the different grain in every piece of wood.
The floor is then stained if desired, and sealed to ensure a lasting protective layer against moisture and general wear.


The next crew then arrives shortly to abrade the sealer and paint the desired floor design, then put new finish over the paint. A new look to your floor comes with this second process and it is important to make sure the design is a layout that will be both aesthetically appealing and functional. Our design team takes great care to make sure both of these are achieved with ideas and advice that can help you through the process. Be sure to consider the input of all staff involved especially in a school where not only sporting events take place in the gym, but Physical Education, workout routines and practices for various sports take place as well.

Cure time and the need for air handlers/exhaust fans will be expressed by the crew members on site and will depend entirely on the type of finish used. Additionally, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) will be strongest during the finish curing process. The crew leader on site has training in each type of floor finish and will be able to explain what to expect.

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