Meet The Crew

Our crews show up to the job site ready to get started and get things done!

All the members of the crew march under the banner of a pledge.  Each and every crew member after working for the company for a short while will take this same pledge!  This sacred ritual is done in front of the whole company and often the clientele of the restaurant where the pledge is being recited.  This is done to ensure the loyalty of the new recruit as well as their worthiness to wear our company name on their shirt.
Although we cannot reveal the pledge in its entirety due to corporate espionage, a few lines include the following:
"I find myself not only among the greatest craftsman on the earth today, but among the greatest craftsman who ever lived. The builders of the Egyptian pyramids, the Roman Coliseums, or the Great Wall of China were craftsman whose work has had impacts upon civilization similar to the work that I will do."
All this is repeated by the pledge in order to ensure that they understand the gravity of the work they are performing at your facility, and to confirm that they are committed to the highest level of quality service they promise and affirm the following:
"I furthermore promise and affirm that I agree to live in crummy motels, eat at greasy cafes, and maintain a great attitude and positive demeanor."

The best way to understand the culture of this company the reason our employees enjoy the work that they do is to read this summary of the company's founder Paul Nelson.

The Crew!

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