We offer off-season promotional pricing (call for details).

Screen and Re-Coat

Screen and Re-Coats are usually done on an annual basis. This is known as a "maintenance coat" and includes a resurfacing of the top layer of floor finish. This will improve the shine, durability and resiliency of your gym floor as well as make it easier to clean and maintain.


About the Screen and Re-Coat Process


Our crews are ready to begin unloading and start the screening process on your gym floor the moment they arrive on site.
They will upbraid the floor with high sanding grit screens in order to remove any black marks left behind by shoes and other imperfections.
The process will produce some ultra-fine dust particles that will inevitably escape into the air and settle on horizontal surfaces in the surrounding area.

We will take time to wipe the common dust surfaces and vacuum any dust in the carpets before packing up and leaving.
Cure time and the need for air handlers/exhaust fans will be expressed by the crew members on site and will depend entirely on the type of finish used. Additionally, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) will be strongest during the finish curing process. The Crew Leader on site has training in each type of floor finish and will be able to explain what to expect.


We offer off-season promotional pricing (call for details).