Floor Repair

There are generally two reasons for having a conversation about total floor replacement:

  • - The first is when nails and heads of nails are visible in a wood floor.
  • - The second would be after a catastrophic event such as water damage or fire that has compromised the integrity of the wood floor.


Both cases represent the need for complete or partial tear out and replacement of the damaged wood.


About Floor Repair


If nails or nail heads are showing along the edge of individual boards, this means the "wear layer" has been worn away completely.

This is typical in most floors because, as the years go by, the floor is sanded and refinished again and again until the nails that attached the hardwood floor to the subfloor are exposed and no longer holding the wood flooring in place.

In this case, the floor has to be completely removed and replaced. If it continues to stay in place, the nail heads present a hazard as well as boards breaking loose of their anchors and popping out of place and exposing the subfloor.

Disasters such as water or fire are generally dealt with on a case by case basis.

This case sometimes requires only partial wood flooring replacement. This is done by a technique called a "weave" where the old floor is cut at random lengths and the new floor is then woven into the old to create a seamless patch.

Because of time and ultraviolet light, the old floor will have a slightly different color hue even when the grade and species of the new flooring matches exactly.

Our team is knowledgeable, efficient and most importantly, swift when it comes to replacing or patching existing floors.